Monday, January 5, 2009

Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

Most people I know set at least one New Year's Resolution, I myself have set a couple, including: reading the entire Bible, eating better and getting into the habit of exercising. According to, the most popular resolutions are:
1. lose weight
2. manage debt 
3. save money
4. get a better job
5. get fit
6. eat right
7. get a better education
8. drink less alcohol 
9. quit smoking now 
10. reduce stress overall
11. reduce stress at work
12. take a trip
13. volunteer to help others. 

The problem with setting a resolution is that they are so hard to keep; we get caught up in the hype of the start of a New Year, a fresh start, everything beginning again...and then the slump and monotony of a daily routine that we've followed for the previous 365 days kicks back in. A habit is hard to break...and establishing a new habit is difficult too; if we are going to succeed in accomplishing our resolutions, we need tools to help us, people to keep us accountable, and written reminders. 

I have found a tool to help me with remembering to read the Bible everyday and to keep me on track for finishing the entire Bible over the course of one year. It is a website:

This website is great because it offers reading plans and allows you to pick the date you would like to start, the version of the Bible you prefer reading and the choice between four different routes through the Bible. 

Old/New Testament: offers you a reading selection everday from each of the Testaments

Chronological: reads through the events of the Bible in the order they occurred

Beginning: starts at Genesis 1:1 and goes straight to the end

Historical: presents the books of the Bible in the order in which they were written

Once you have chosen your reading plan and the version of the Bible, simply click on your start date. It will take you to a page where all the readings are laid out for you next to the day; you just click on what day it is and the passage comes up on your screen. Bookmark that page so that you can just come back to it each day and read the next passage. 

I think this is a great tool because I've always wanted to read the Bible in the order in which it occurred; now I can! It is so convenient to turn to my bookmarked page and read the daily selection. If reading through the Bible is something that you are interested in doing, this is a great program to use. 

Good Luck keeping all your New Year's Resolutions. If you would like, post yours in the comment section so we can all keep each other accountable over the coming year!

Have a great day!

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