Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Restaurant to Try...

Last night Matt and I our neighbor friends went to downtown Buford and tried out 37 Main. This was a neat restaurant with a cool atmosphere and a tapis-style menu. We arrived around 7:30 though and were a little disappointed that we were practically the only people there. However, we decided to stay and try it out and were not disappointed. The food was good--especially the Lobster Ravioli and the Olive Hummis Dip--you could tell the hummus was freshly made and the kalamata olives on the side with the crisp, lightly fried pita chips were great.

The drinks were also very good! I would recommend the colada martini...with coconut rum and pineapple flavors. Another great one was the chocolate martini--a combination of several chocolate liqueors and some cream. If you are more of a wine person, there were plenty of different kinds to choose from as well.

We could have stayed for the live band (which they have every Friday and Saturday night for a $5 per person cover) but we decided to go somewhere else...and headed to Atlanta to Lola's.

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