Friday, September 19, 2008

Just For Fun...Meet Jackson!

I figured since it was Friday I would do a more personal post and let ya'll meet my long-haired Chihuahua, Jackson. Isn't he a pretty dog? I think so! And smart too...let me tell you about some of his tricks. First, he can do all the normal things that most trained dogs can do, such as sit, come and lay down. But Jackson is a unique dog in that he can also do special tricks such as: dance, walk on his two hind legs, twirl, play dead and crawl like a soldier. He can also give a high five and shake your hand. Pretty special, huh?!

He's also a pretty good listener, now of course sometimes he has a mind of his own and just wants to do whatever he feels like, but for the most part he will do as he's told. When we moved into our new house I bought a leather sofa set and I decided he was not allowed on the couch...well I only had to tell him 2 times maybe to stay off the couch and he has not gotten on them since. Now that may not seem like something all that great, except that he knows the difference between the leather couch and the couch in our movie room...he knows he's allowed on that couch and also on the bed.

Now, he has his flaws for sure...I'm not at all saying he's perfect! For one, he is overly possessive and protective of me. So much so that he will bark and growl his head off around anyone new...he is not automatically friendly around people or other dogs. It is a bit of an embarrassment when people come over..and I'm always a little worried (okay a LOT worried) when small children and babies are around, because I'm terrified that he may bite them when they try to pet him. Another character flaw he has is that he is extremely aggressive towards large dogs--as in he runs up to them and tries to bite them and ferociously growls at them...I blame it in large part to the fact that as a puppy (before I got him) he was sat upon by a bulldog, but deep down I know it's my fault for not socializing him properly.

Well, now that you have met Jackson, my precious dog, I would like to meet yours! Do you have any funny or crazy pet stories to share with me? If so, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.

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Gena said...

Loved your Friday story of you dog. He's a cutie. I had a wonderful little 4 lb. toy poodle for 13 years but she is gone now. I miss her very much and she was quite the companion.

There is nothing like having such a true blue friend. Enjoy the years with your little one.