Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Photography Business!

Well, I thought I should let everyone know that I've started a side business selling my photography. Here are just a few of the ones I have so far. The top picture is my favorite! It was taken on my honeymoon to Charleston, SC. This particular photo was taken at Middleton Plantation, an absolutely beautiful place--we got lucky that the azaleas were at the height of their season when we visited. I just love all the different colors in this photo.

I took the next photo on our recent trip to Negril, Jamaica where we stayed at the Couples Swept Away all-inclusive resort. The picture of the caves was taken while on a catamaran cruise; it was so beautiful there! If I wasn't such a chicken I could have swam in the caves...but being a little afraid of creatures such as sharks and jelly fish I chose to look at them from the boat!

The last photo was taken while I was on my three week trip to Australia for Study Abroad. I took this cute little guy's photo at one of the zoos we visited on the Gold Coast. He posed just perfectly for me! Too cute!! By the way, koalas are as cuddly as they look; I got to hold one and he just curled right up to me and held on :-)

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