Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! I completely stuffed myself so full of turkey and dressing and sweet pototoes and chocolate chip cookies...and the list could go on and on!! I look forward to the Thanksgiving meal every year; I think it's the anticipation of the turkey and the abundance of food that makes the meal taste so wonderful. And being surrounded by family and friends is always great too.

Okay, so I would like to hear about any traditions you may have when celebrating Thanksgiving. For example, my dad's family almost always has Thanksgiving at my Uncle's home...we call it the Farm because there are beautiful horses (as in the picture above) and he has lots of land...we spend Thanksgiving hunting, eating, talking and playing cards. For me, his home just feels like Thanksgiving--his home is beautiful and so cozy and the woods and pastures surrounding it are so colorful during Fall.

Another tradition we have, is that we always decorate my grandparent's Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day. I always have fun putting the ornaments on this tree because throught the years they have accumulated so many! Some of their ornaments are over 50 years much history and memories!

Now it's your turn, please share a story or tradition you have for Thanksgiving!

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