Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Seller: Are You Sure You Want to Sell Your Home?

The other day I was out showing a Buyer a few houses and the most embarrassing thing happened! We arrived at our final home of the day; I walked to the front door--rang the doorbell and knocked loudly (just in case the Sellers had not left the property yet), retrieved the key from the lock box and let ourselves in...

What we encountered upon entering took me completely by surprise...the stench that flooded our noses was disgusting, no lights what so ever were turned. We creeped in a little further in the living room and about tripped over the mounds and mounds of dirty clothes, toys and other crap haphazardly tossed everywhere.

The place felt so dirty I was hesitant to even turn on the lights! My Buyer and I walked over to the kitchen...we had found the source of the smell!! Stacks and stacks of dirty dishes with leftover food stuck to the plates. Oh gross!

I cautiously looked over at my client to see how he was handling the place--one look at his face and I suggested we leave right then, no need to see the rest of the home! My client wondered aloud as we left "if that's the way they take care of their home, I wonder what maintenance and other repairs they've neglected to take care of." He is absolutely right!

Where is their pride of ownership? Has their agent not explained to them how a home should look for a's not like I didn't call two days in advance to schedule the appointment!! Do they not want to get their home sold?

I was completely embarrassed that I had chosen to show my client that home!! Especially since we had just come from a home that was perfectly staged and had great curb appeal--the owner of that home is also an agent, but still! Upon entering her home we were greeted by soft, pleasant music, the lights were on and the blinds were opened. It smelled good, but not too overbearing. And except for a few of the closets, it was clutter free! No dirty laundry, no gross dishes, everything in its place so the true features of the home could shine! Now THAT is how every home should look for a showing!

Sellers: If you want your home to sell, make it looks its best for showings! Agents: Please coach your client on what to do before a showing!

(Not an actual photo from the place, we weren't there long enough to take one!)
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